How the world is falling apart over Trump’s Russia allegations

When the media begins reporting that the Trump campaign and associates colluded with Russia to meddle in the US election, they usually cite unnamed sources, like a report in The New York Times or a Washington Post article.

These anonymous sources usually make it sound like they are confirming the story.

However, it’s not the case.

They are simply repeating what the media is reporting.

The Times, for example, reported that a Russian source told them that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., met with a Russian lawyer to obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. was not named in the Times story, but The New Yorker published a story claiming that he was the subject of an FBI investigation that began in 2016.

The article did not identify Trump Jr.’s attorney, or reveal that his son was the source of the information.

Trump’s lawyer, Ty Cobb, issued a statement on Monday denying that Trump Jr was the Russian source and saying the president is not aware of the allegations.

He went on to explain that he “did not discuss any of this with the president, and the president denies any wrongdoing.”

The New Jersey Devils have a unique situation.

The Devils are owned by New Jersey, which voted for Trump by a large margin.

And Trump has long been criticized for being soft on crime in the Garden State.

The president’s tweets have often come in response to the latest news, especially when it comes to the New York City police department.

He recently tweeted that if New York police officers are “getting paid big bucks to protect innocent people,” they should be given “more money.”

The fact that Trump has continued to tweet and retweet about the police department’s performance, and that he has used social media as a way to reach out to his base, is not the reason why he is under fire.

His criticism of the NYPD is an obvious example.

But there is much more to the story than the optics of Trump.

It is important to remember that Trump’s tweetstorm, which he frequently uses to criticize the media, is about more than his actions.

It’s also about his character.

He is a serial narcissist who constantly attacks those who he deems weak, especially women and minorities.

He has long said that he does not respect people with disabilities, even though he has appointed a doctor with a disability as the U.S. Secretary of Education.

His response to a recent question about the issue in the Oval Office was to mock the reporter, who asked him about the president making fun of a reporter.

Trump has also used his social media accounts to criticize women, women’s health, and others.

He called for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which was passed during his administration, calling it a “big-government scheme.”

He called the Paris climate agreement a “disaster.”

He has attacked CNN and other news outlets as “fake news,” falsely claiming that CNN is “fake News.”

He recently retweeted a photo of himself wearing a mask to show that he is “really going to be the greatest Fake News Media ever!”

His attacks on the media have become so vicious that a CNN reporter said that the network “just became the voice of Trump” and that “the president has become a real monster.”

When Trump tweets, he also posts comments that are designed to inflame or intimidate people, even if those comments are from his own Twitter account.

For example, Trump has tweeted about how people are being “bullied” on Twitter, about how the media was “biased,” and about how CNN was “going crazy.”

He also posts messages to his Twitter account that attack and threaten journalists and journalists who cover him.

His tweets have been accompanied by videos of himself attacking journalists and attacking journalists who report on him.

These videos have been widely shared on social media, and have made the rounds on cable news.

Trump, who has frequently criticized CNN, is the latest president to be targeted for his comments about journalists and the media.

But it is not just the president.

Trump is also being targeted for the attacks he makes against people in other countries.

In July, for instance, Trump was targeted for calling for an end to the Paris agreement.

During the presidential campaign, Trump had called the agreement “obscene” and “illegal.”

He later called it a good deal for the U-turning U.K. and France.

But his comments following the Paris accord have since been criticized by his critics.

The Trump administration has been accused of using the Paris deal to push through a tax plan that will hurt the middle class, especially Americans who earn less than $100,000.

In August, Trump attacked a woman who asked for a copy of a Trump tax plan because the plan included a provision that would exempt her from the individual mandate.

She later retracted her comment, and she has since received death threats.

In June, Trump tweeted that the U,S.

would have a “great trade war” with China if it were to enforce the terms of the Paris Accord

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