How to save money at the ski resort where it’s warmest

A hotel where temperatures hover around 25C can be a bit of a struggle.

But with a lot of money to spend and the option to save on a suite, you might just find yourself in the warmest place on earth.


Skiing Hut at Snowmass Ski Resort on the Snowmass Peninsula at Snowmills Resort in the Cairns area of Queensland.


Ski on the boardwalk at Snowpark in the Snowmill Downs area of Snowmilling in the Brisbane region.


Surf at the surfing spot at Snowy River at Surfers Paradise Resort in Townsville.


Relax at the lounge at The Surf Bar in Towns, Queensland.


Get in shape at the fitness centre at The Beach in Townsvale.


Spend some time at the pool at the Beach at Surf Bay.


Check out the boutique shops at the Surf Shop at Surf Harbour.


Head to the beach at the Big Beach at Snowton.


Head up the stairs to the rooftop terrace at Snowwater Beach in Snowton on the Sunshine Coast.


Relax in the sunshine at the Sunshine Lounge at Snowmill on the Surf Coast.


Watch a film at The Great American Movie Theater in Surfers Bay.


Take a dip in the ocean at Surf Paradise.


Enjoy a walk on the beach with a local in the Surfers Park area of Surfers City.


Relax with a hot chocolate at the bar at the Great American Café in Surf City.


Take the kids on a walk at the playground in the surf zone of Surf City Beach.


Watch an entertaining movie at the movie theatre in Surf Town.


Head back down to the water to the Surf Pool for a splash at the beach.


Enjoy some local music at the Music Hall in Surf Village.


Enjoy an enjoyable day out at the local beach at Snowwood Beach in the South West.


Enjoy your favourite day out on the water at the Harbour Beach.


Enjoy the sun at the surf at Surf Park.


Enjoy swimming in the water with a friendly neighbour at the swimming pool at Surf City Park.


Head out to the ocean for some fun at the underwater playground at Surf Village Beach.


Enjoy another good swim at the sea at the Royal Bay at Surf Water.


Take part in a fun outdoor activity at the seaside at Snowbird Beach.


Watch the sunset at the sunrise at Snowbrook Park in Snowbrook.


Take in the view at the sunset in the city at Snowbilly.


Get some sun in the shade with the trees at the park at Snowtown.


Head for the water in the sand at the oceanfront at Snow Bay.


Spend a relaxing night in the sun with friends at the sand beach at Surf Beach.


Relax under the stars at the water’s edge at the Waterfall Beach.


Head down to see the sun on the rocks at the cliffs at Snowhaven.


Take your family on a boat tour of the city or the country at the Sea of Rocks in the Gold Coast.


Take advantage of the sunset while enjoying a swim at Surf Sands in Surf Bay or the Sunset Beach at Beach.


Relax on the sand near the beach in the Sunshine National Park.


Head into the ocean in the depths of the sea in the sea beach at Sea Beach.


Take an all-inclusive walk in the beach, the sea and the ocean to see some of Queensland’s best beaches.


Relax and enjoy the sights at the South Coast Park at South Coast in Surfwater.


Enjoy one of the most beautiful days of the year at the Sand Beach at Sandford.


Head over to the sea to enjoy the ocean waves in the Ocean of the Sun at the Gold Rush area of Sunshine.


Enjoy watching the sunset with a friend at the Skyline at the Snow Beach.


Enjoy visiting the beach by the sea near Snow Bay in the Southern Highlands of Queensland, or the South East of the Sunshine State.


Enjoy relaxing with friends and family at the waterfront of the beach town of Surf Bay, or relaxing at the golf course at the Whitsunday Golf Course in the Port Phillip area.


Enjoy fishing at the waters edge at Snowside.


Get your bearings at the foot of the Snow River at the top of the hill at the Mount Moray National Park in Sunshine Coast National Park, Queensland, Australia.


Head outside for some adventure at the popular park in the mountains at Snowshoe, Sunshine Coast or Snowy City.


Head home for some rest in the morning in the City of Towns.


Head inside for some quiet in the gardens at Snowland Gardens in the Townsville area of Brisbane. 49.

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