Which ski boards are safe to ride?

The International Ski Board Federation (ISBF) has announced that ski boards can now be ridden safely in Australia.

“We know there are many safety questions around the world and the ski industry is no different,” ISBF chairman, Peter Luff, said.

Australia is one of only two countries that do not require all boards to be approved for use by the ISBF.

ISBF is a global organisation, which means it is not bound by the regulations in each country it represents.

The Australian government recently introduced a number of measures to encourage the use of boards.

In the first wave of measures, it banned the sale of boards in Australia, restricted the availability of boards to non-board holders and made it a criminal offence to sell a board in the country.

Following a backlash, the government removed these measures in May 2018.

It also imposed a fine of $10,000 on anyone who fails to obtain a certificate of fitness to ride a board from the ISHF.

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