How to ride a ski board without breaking your back

A ski-board crash that left a man in a coma and his wife dead has taken another shocking twist, with a medical expert claiming the incident could be linked to the use of the ski-boarding device.

Mikael Jorgensen, a Norwegian ski resort owner, has been charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence after the man died in hospital from his injuries.

The 32-year-old was a member of the team who won the 2017 European Ski Jump Championship at the resort in Norway.

The accident happened on a run between two ski jumps at the end of the race.

The team, which had been training in a mountain valley, was heading downhill and the victim was skiing on the same side of the hill.

The ski jumpers were on the opposite side of a hill and were travelling at roughly the same speed.

The injured man fell off his ski board and hit the road.

He was flown to hospital in Krakow, Poland, where he was pronounced dead.

Doctors were unable to remove the ski board from the body because it was so badly bruised and his lungs were filled with fluid, which would normally stop blood flowing to the brain.

The ski jump was held again at a ski resort in the nearby town of Kraków, but the injured man was not present.

The court heard the victim had a history of problems with the ski jump, which he had been unable to ski due to his injuries and the risk of his body freezing.

He had been skiing for more than six months, and his family were concerned the injuries would affect his skiing ability.

The family were also worried about the ski jumping being cancelled.

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