Which ski boards are still around?

It was just two days ago that an American ski resort in South Africa was forced to shut down due to a massive avalanche, with authorities describing it as a “serious and dangerous event”.

But in the past few weeks, several ski resorts in Australia have been forced to close due to similar avalanches, including in the Western Australian state of South Australia, where the Alpine Meadows Resort has shut its doors for two days due to the threat of another large landslide.

A series of avalanches have also struck the Gold Coast in recent weeks, killing at least four people.

But this is not the first time a resort has been forced off the road due to an avalanche.

In February this year, a large avalanche at the Bali Black Mountain Resort in Bali caused a massive power outage in the area and forced the closure of the resort for more than a day.

And a few weeks ago, a massive landslide in the state of Queensland left three people dead.

In the wake of these avalanches in recent years, Australian authorities have called for the development of avalanche safety training courses for all resorts, including resort operators.

“We have to be clear that if a resort does not have avalanche safety education available, then the resort will not operate,” a Department of Environment and Heritage spokeswoman said.

“If they don’t have a course on avalanche safety then the risk to their guests and the public will be very high.”

The safety and protection of our guests and staff is the most important priority and there will be no return to this level of risk for people in the region.

“What you need to know about avalanches:Topics:accidents,safety,accidents-and-accidents—other,snow,southern-australia

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