How to watch a ski race online in 10 seconds, and buy it for $20 in seconds

A lot of people are taking to Facebook to tell us how to watch the 2018 Snowbird race in seconds, without buying a ticket. 

If you’re a fan of skiing, and you’re just itching to see the 2017 race in its entirety, you can do that with just a few clicks. 

We got together some of the best skiers in the world to try it out.

We wanted to see how many times we could just jump into the race with a simple Google search.

If you know someone who would like to go, we’re willing to bet they’d be a happy camper.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take:Step 1.

Go to Snowbird.com and sign up for an account.

Step 2.

Sign in using your Snowbird login and password.

Step 3.

Click on the “Events” link on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Scroll down to “Events”.

Step 4.

Click “Register” and you’ll be taken to the registration page. 

Step 5.

Fill out your username and password, and then click the “Submit” button. 

The next screen will ask you to provide your Snowbirds ski and board order number. 

Click that, and a window will pop up asking you to verify your information. 

Your order will then be validated. 

Once you’re done, you’ll see the confirmation screen.

Step 6.

If everything goes well, you should be able to see your order on the confirmation page.

Step 7.

Click the “Add Event” button on the right-hand sidebar. 

You’ll see a list of the skiers who’ve already registered. 

Add a new order, and click “Go!” 

Step 8.

At this point, the ski and bike race is already on. 

It’ll start at 8:30am ET, and the winner will be announced at 9:30. 

That’s the time for the crowds. 

But wait, you might be wondering: How many people can I bring to the race? 

We’ve got a few suggestions. 


Bring a teamThe 2018 SnowBird race was held in four different cities, so there were a lot of competitors who had to race against each other. 

At the time, we couldn’t predict how many people would attend the race, so we thought it would be a good idea to let everyone compete. 

This is the way the race works, and there’s no cost to attend. 

All you need to do is be a part of it. 

There’s a minimum of two participants, and if you have more than two people, you need one of them to sign up. 

In order to enter the race you’ll want to get a team, which will cost you $20 per person. 

For the 2017 Snowbird, the price was $25 per person, but the price has gone up significantly since then. 

To get a crew, you must be a Snowbird customer. 

With this year’s event, you will need to register as a customer and get a $15 discount. 

Sign up on the Snowbird website and click on “Events”, then “Race Details”. 

We suggest that you register as one of the “official” Snowbird customers, so you don’t have to pay a bunch of money to enter. 

Just go to the event website and sign in, then you’ll get your team and be able start racing. 


You’ll need your own equipmentIf you’ve ever raced in a snowboard race before, you know that it’s always best to bring your own snowboard. 

Of course, you don

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