Ski board with inline skis and inline skates is coming to Perth

Perth, Western Australia (AFP) – Skiboard company Oberein is planning to roll out an inline skidboard in Perth’s central suburbs.

The new product, which could be launched as early as March next year, will be used in residential areas, parks and on footpaths.

Oberein founder John Boulton said the company was in talks with the local council and the Victorian Government about the design.

“It’s a bit like a mini skateboard with inline wheels,” he said.

“You can actually walk around the area and ride it, which is great.”

We’ve got about 200 bikes in the area, so there’s plenty of space for the people who want to use it and the people with the children to use their bikes.

“The company plans to roll the skateboard out in several locations.”

One of the most exciting things for us was that we found the bike lanes in the central city to be quite congested,” Mr Boulston said.


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