Ski Board’s R&amprampi…

The SkierWorld Ski Board (R&ampi) has launched its first electric scooter in a bid to reduce emissions from the growing industry.

The company said the SkierSky, which comes with a rechargeable battery, can travel on average 10km (6.2 miles) without a charge, while being able to travel a further 8km (5.8 miles) at the same speed, using the same amount of power.

The new SkierStar, powered by the company’s R3 electric scooters, can carry up to 500kg (1,400lbs).

The new product will be available for purchase in the US and Europe this month.

SkierStorm, which was launched last year, is also now available to buy in the UK, with prices starting at £20,000 (€26,000).

The Ski-Board is made by British company SkierSystems.

The R&ampsi line has over 200,000 active users worldwide, according to the company.

The Skicraft, which also comes with the R&AMPi range, has around 10,000 users.

SkiBoard is powered by Skicostech’s latest R&amping technology.

It has the latest version of R&amba technology that allows the boards to be powered from a USB port or a charging station.

The power from the R3 scooters is supplied by a battery pack, which is then charged by the Skicestech chargers.

In the SkiStorm product, the power from both the R5 and R6 models is supplied via a DC-DC adapter.

In other R&ampsi products, the batteries are provided via a standard plug.

The Scamper, the new R&amsi line, is powered from the same AC adapter.

It also has a recharge system.

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