Ski training board: It’s not the ski, it’s the mountain

A ski training company has taken a controversial position that it is not a ski lift, but a mountain.

In an advertisement posted on Facebook, the ski training firm Ski-Ski Express claimed it does not “work as a lift or snowboard” but “helps ski instructors and students prepare for snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and skiing.”

“We do work for the ski industry, we do work to train the industry to have the best equipment to perform the jobs we are tasked with,” the company said in the ad.

Ski-Skeets Express claims to provide “an incredible service to the ski and snowboard industry.”

It states that it offers instructors the opportunity to work as instructors for ski training companies, and to earn a certificate of completion for their “snowboarding, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, skiing, ski-ski training.”

The company says its members include instructors, ski jumpers, snowboards and snowshoers, and “a small number of elite skiers.”

Its Facebook page is also filled with posts about its work and services.

The company has posted many photos of the snow, which it describes as “perfectly groomed” and has a “lacquer finish” that makes it look like “a traditional ski lift.”

A spokeswoman for Ski-skeets says the company has never advertised as a ski or snowboarding company and that the company is “not part of the ski-lift industry.”

She said that the “ski-lift community is diverse, and we don’t work for or endorse any specific ski lift or ski lift company.”

She added that the ski lift is “a diverse community,” and that Ski-Skies Express offers its members a variety of services.

She added: “We do not advertise on the ski area Facebook page, and have not advertised in our local ski area for some time.”

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