How to build a ski-boarding cribbage on the roof of a skyscraper

In the world of ski racing, the cribbage boards of the early 20th century have become a symbol of the sport’s popularity.

But now, thanks to the latest innovations in building, the boards are being considered as a possible way to build taller, taller buildings.

It’s the first time the boards have been considered for this sort of thing, says Steve Smith, an engineer and ski-board builder who’s been working on a prototype.

A couple of months ago, he and a team of engineers and designers built a cribbage with the help of a contractor in the Netherlands.

The board is now in the process of being tested by builders in the UK.

The cribbage is about three metres tall, and has two legs, meaning that the tower could be extended if it’s not already too tall.

It could also be made into a small house, or a garage.

The project is funded by a €250,000 grant from the Dutch National Lottery.

“There is a big market for the cribs, especially in the US, and in China and the US it’s becoming popular,” says Smith.

“I think there are a lot of people interested in building these structures.”

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