How to rent ski boards online?


Choose your board size and type from the list below.


Pick the correct ski board size for your skill level.


Choose a good location for your rentals.


Choose the correct board to rent.


Once you’ve picked the right board size, get out there!

Skiboard rentals can be made at any time of year and at any location.

Here’s a quick guide to finding the right location for you.1.

Choose Your Skiboard Size and Type from the List Below2.

Pick The Correct Ski Board Size for Your Skill Level3.

Choose A Good Location for Your Rental4.

Choose The Right Board to Rent5.

Once You’ve Pick the Right Board Size, Get Out There!1.

Select Your Ski Board Type (Ski,Snowboard,Cross Country,Diver)2.

Select The Right Ski Board Location (Lake,Snowbowl,Rimrock)3.

Select the Right Ski Bike Type (Shovel,Keeper,Venture)4.

Select How Much You Want to Rent (From $150-$300)5.

Select If You’d Like a Private Pool in Your Room6.

Choose Where to Go for Your Ride7.

Choose How Much Your Rides are Going to Cost8.

Select Which Skis to Rent9.

Pick Your Favorite Location10.

Get Your Ride11.

Return Home!1 .

Select Your Skis Type (Snowboard or Ski)2 .

Select The Correct Skis Location (Location in Lake,Snow,Ramp,Riverside)3 .

Select How Many Skis You Want4.

Pick What Skiing Equipment You Want5.

Choose What Ski Equipment You’d like to Rent6.

Select You’d LIKE to Have A Skiing Session in Your Pool (Private or Shared)7.

Select Whether You’d prefer a shared pool with other skiers or not8.

Choose Whether You Want Your Pool to Have a Deck10.

Select What Type of Snowboard(s) you’d like9.

Choose If You Want To Rent a Single Ski, Two Ski, Three Ski, or Four Ski(s).10.

Choose When You Want your Ride to Start(s), if needed(s):11.

Select Where to Rent the Board(s)-(Location in the Lake,Rimside,Ramping,Ravine,Rocks,Routes)12.

Pick If You Would Like a Shared Pool with Other Skiers or Not13.

Choose Which Ski Equipment you’d LIKE(s)(Shoeprint,Flexible,Fully Customizable)14.

Pick Which Ski Boards You’d LOVE(s)[You can choose your board colors from the drop down menu below]15.

Pick Whether or not you’d Like your Boards to Have an Rental Fee(s)/Liability Policy (if applicable)16.

Pick Where to Put Your Board(‘s) and Renters Equipment(s)*[You can also choose to rent by appointment only or by phone-call-by appointment-only]17.

Select Are You In The Right Area for Your Bike Ride?18.

Select Is Your Bike Rental Available?19.

Select Do You Want a Share or Shared Pool?20.

Select Would You Like to Rent a Bike?21.

Select Have You Been Visited Before?22.

Select Will You Like your Board(.com name)to be the Name of the Ski Boards(.org name)?23.

Select Please Select from the “Other” options if You’d Rather Be Involved in the Renting Process24.

Pick what type of equipment you would like to rent (A/B, or Mixed)25.

Select When Do You Need To Return To Your Room?26.

Select Share Options(s)!*If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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