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Surf Contests

The WCT, aka the Dream Tour, is where all contest surfers want to be. So lets take a quick look at an obvious reason a surfer would want to make it on the Dream Tour. Besides being one of the top 40 surfers on the planet, you get to surf the best waves in world with only one other guy in the line up, in most heats.

Lets take a look at the most recent example. Above we have Kelly Slater at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. This contest was held in nearly perfect conditions with over head, barreling waves. What surfer wouldn't dream of getting to surf these waves with one other guy out? Now, below we have a photo from the Vans Pro, a QS contest being held in Virginia Beach on the east coast of the United States. The water may be warm, but check out what they're trying to compete on. The waves are 1-3 foot and hardly ride-able. Who wants to compete in that? I'll admit, watching these guys surf these tiny waves is, well...almost as exciting as watching huge barrels, not really, but I am impressed by how well these shredders can rip the small waves. 

You be the judge. Which tour would you want to be on? Regardless of their preference, any surfer wanting to compete on the Championship Tour must compete and do really well in those 1-3 foot sloppy waves in order to get their chance on the tour.

Billabong Pro Tahiti

Posting two excellent wave scores, Adrian (Ace) Buchan, takes out 11 time world champion, Kelly Slater, in only his second world tour final ever. 

Although it had been a long time since Ace had seen the final heat in a world tour event, he showed true champion mentality through it all. Imagine the nerves coming into a final with Slater, who has seen so many final heats and had been 4 for 4 in finals in Tahiti. Quite a feat for Ace to keep his cool and take the victory.

I do think Ace deserves the win here, after demonstrating amazing surfing throughout the entire contest. He consistentaly pulled into the sickest waves of his heats and posted huge scores. There's one factor that could have changed the final placements in this contest though, and I'm sure Kelly has some issues and it showed prior to the buzzer with some water slaps. Right before Ace posted his second highest wave score, he kept Slater off a wave with a priority jook. Neither surfer took the wave but the judges felt that priority should stay with Ace even though he did attempt to catch a wave. The next high scoring wave that came would have been Slaters and the final outcame here could have been different. Maybe the judges felt niether surfer had a chance to catch that wave, but it definetly was a game changer that would upset any surfer behind in a final heat. 

A big congrats to an outstanding show at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, Ace Buchan! He has joined the ranks of the worlds top surfers to win in Tahiti.

Let's watch out for Buchan at Trestles in September.


Vans US Open Of Surfing

Another year of the US Open Of Surfing is taking place in Huntington Beach this week.

Make sure to catch all the action at As usuall the shred level is amazing and the fans are out.

Free show from Modest Mouse on Friday should be one to attend.

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Best Snowboard Binding

One of the top snowboard binding in 2013 is the Burton Genesis Binding. 

New for 2013, the Burton Genesis binding is a performance blend of proven Burton technologies with some of their most innovative new snowboard binding technologies. It's features include the RE: Flex providing an increased flex feel and the Zero-Lean Kickback Hammock Hi-Back. The Kickback serves as a double highback, the inner of which moves along with your boot acting as suspension mechanism. Might save your knees someday! Other features include the leightweight and cushy baseplate with RE:Flex full bed cushioning system. The updated strapping system combines the react strap and gettagrip capstrap for a secure and comfortable toe and ankle stapping system. And yes, the insanely awesome bonus here is this binding is eco-friendly with a baseplate made from re-ground materials.

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APO Artist Collaboration

Check out the limited addition snowboard with triple collaboration from APO snowboards, Dragon Ball Z and Kumi Yama. With only 100 boards being released in the fall of 2013, this is a true collectors snowboard.

European snowboarding pioneers, APO, worked with Japaneese animation leaders Toei Animation on this limited piece. Featuring art from Dragon Ball Z, who is sort of a cult Japanese phenomenon and partnering with Europes largest summer snowboard and freeski event, Kumi Yama puts this collab in the European spot light. With only 100 made, the chances of getting your hands on one of these seems slim. 

Set for a late release, available online and in selected stores in October 2013, these boards will be gone in a flash. Give it your best shot and make it a wall piece or shred it! This APO limited edition snowboard comes in 155 cm with a twin tip rocker and double flex technology. Not just insane art work; the board shreds in all terrain from the park and pipe to powder. A true freestyle design, fitting for the Dragon Ball Z crew!

If you can't get your hands on one these boards, check out other APO snowboards here!



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